About INRO

Every day, thousands of transport planners around the world use INRO software to model urban, metropolitan and regional transportation systems, and to evaluate transport policy that affects us all. INRO has brought leading-edge research and software to the transportation planning field for over three decades, and today continues to innovate in the field it helped define with a strong tradition of research and new product development.


INRO designs and develops the world's most powerful and proven transport planning software. Emme travel demand forecasting, Dynameq traffic simulation/dynamic traffic assignment and CityPhi visual analytics software are built to handle the rigors of complex transport systems; to account for the diverse technological, social, and economic challenges facing planners today. Our focus on professional methodologies ensures that planners can rely on the credibility of our models, and our flexible tool-kit approach gives planners the freedom to adapt and customize models to suit local needs. INRO software is used in over 1000 organizations in more than 80 countries, including half of the world’s largest cities.


INRO software is bolstered by world-class technical support and a catalog of professional training courses, both of which are provided by a qualified team of transport professionals who hold graduate degrees in computer science, operations research and engineering. INRO also offers on-demand professional services with expertise in reviewing, designing, implementing and calibrating transportation planning and operations studies.


INRO facilitates national and international user conferences and workshops, and hosts online discussion forums to encourage knowledge exchange and provide networking opportunities for professionals and researchers. INRO's worldwide network of qualified Business Partners are leading practitioners in the transportation field who are available to provide local context and expertise.