Although each transportation planning study is unique, the modelling techniques are a common skill set. INRO is committed to enable geographically diverse users to share their experiences and skills.


The INRO User's Conference series of international and regional meetings, jointly organized by INRO and leading planning agencies around the world, provides opportunities for the world's planners and modellers to share knowledge, applications and critical perspective, as well as updates on INRO software and methodological developments. To see where the next meetings are scheduled check the Events page, or to plan your own meeting, contact us at


More than a thousand presentations from more than one hundred user conferences and industry events over twenty years, compiled in the INRO Library, form a unique transport planning knowledge base with detailed case studies of modeling applications. 

Discussion Forums

INRO has provided a forum for discussion that extends the user community to all corners of the globe each day. INRO hosts a series of discussion forums, which are the source for up-to-date information about INRO's software products. The archives are a rich source of users' past experiences.