Announcing CityPhi - visual analytics for large-scale spatial and mobility data

CityPhi 1.0.0 Early Access is now available!

CityPhi is a new visualization, animation and data analytics platform that works with spatial and temporal data. CityPhi lets you display and animate large-scale spatial data sets in 3D, and to simultaneously explore, chart and analyze this data through interactive visual queries.

Initial CityPhi application areas are in urban mobility, traffic, transit and population analytics, but any spatial or spatio-temporal data set can be brought to life with CityPhi.

See recent CityPhi presentations below, learn more about CityPhi.

CityPhi screenshots - TRB presentation
An interactive visual computing environment for the Portland Metro Activity-based travel forecasting model

Daniel Florian and Kevin Bragg, INRO
2015-05-18, 15th TRB National Transportation Planning Applications Conference
Atlantic City, NJ

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CityPhi screenshots - Modelling World
Visual Analytics - Modelling World 2015

Daniel Florian, INRO
2015-06-04, Modelling World 2015
London, UK

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CityPhi Screenshots