Every day, thousands of transport planners around the world use INRO software to model urban, metropolitan and regional transportation systems, and to evaluate the transport policy that affects us all. INRO designs and develops the world's most powerful and proven transport planning technology. INRO software is built to handle the rigors of complex transport systems; to account for the diverse technological, social, and economic challenges facing planners today.

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Transportation forecasting software

Emme is a complete travel demand modeling system for urban, regional and national transportation forecasting. Emme is used in over half the world's most populous cities and runs some of the world's most complex transportation forecasting models.

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Traffic simulation for wide-area networks

Dynameq provides an industry-leading mesoscopic traffic simulation and dynamic traffic assignment procedure that makes it the ideal choice for a range of model applications and evaluations including congestion relief strategies, corridor and lane management, construction mitigation, and much more.

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Visual analytics for large-scale spatial and mobility data

CityPhi is a visualization, animation and data analytics platform that works with spatial, temporal and mobility data. It lets you display and animate large-scale data sets in 3D, and simultaneously explore, chart and analyze this data through interactive visual queries. 

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