Dynameq provides an industry-leading traffic simulation and dynamic traffic assignment (DTA) procedure that makes it the ideal choice for a range of model applications and evaluations including congestion relief strategies, corridor and lane management, construction mitigation, transit design, traffic impact studies, emissions modelling, event planning and much more.

The best choice to model wide-area traffic networks

Dynameq is the best choice of software to model route choice and traffic patterns under congested conditions, from CBDs to commuter corridors and larger urban networks. It provides a unique traffic simulation that moves individual vehicles and captures lane-based effects in far more detail than other mesoscopic approaches. And its highly-tuned dynamic traffic assignment procedure achieves dynamic user equilibrium (DUE) route-choice faster and more reliably than other microscopic approaches.


Dynameq in practice—well documented success

With an impressive and growing portfolio of successful applications, widely held critical acclaim for its scientific basis, and the highest modelling scores in recent evaluations, Dynameq should be on every planner’s and modeller’s short list.

If you are seriously considering wide-area traffic simulation, or a smaller area with significant route choice, you owe it to yourself and your project to consider the original and the best. Please contact us so we can share Dynameq scoping guidelines and estimation tools that will help make your project a success.


Traffic simulation: the difference is in the details

Dynameq’s traffic simulation is often referred to as mesoscopic due to the larger scale of network that can be calibrated; however, it bears far more similarity to the detail and fidelity of a microsimulation than other mesoscopic approaches. Dynameq moves individual vehicles on lanes, with car-following models, gap-acceptance models and explicit signal timings.

Why is this important? Because this is the only way to capture the true causes of congestion—the crossing and merging of vehicle trajectories, turn pockets that overflow, late merging and queue jumping—all of which are part of the real traffic environment and which have a major impact on actual traffic conditions and travel costs. Unlike other mesoscopic approaches that cannot explicitly model these effects, in Dynameq these complex traffic phenomena naturally lead to realistic emergent capacities and throughputs.

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Fast, reliable dynamic routing

Dynameq provides a true dynamic routing model to reflect how real drivers makedecisions. That means adapting to traffic conditions via day-to-day learning, and using the available information to the fullest just as real drivers do, starting with fully simulated travel time over the complete path from origin to destination.

This is why the Dynameq traffic simulator is an important innovation. It runs a blindingly fast vehicle-by-vehicle simulation orders of magnitude faster than real-time and is finely tuned for gridlock avoidance under extreme congestion. This allows the entire wide area to be modeled comprehensively and consistently. The result is a well-routed, consistent, lane-based dynamic model that accurately reflects traffic dynamics over the entire network. And with a multithreaded routing process for maximum performance, whether your study area is a congested city or just a few city blocks, your model will run reliably and fast.

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Stands alone, but not stand-alone—everything you need for your project

Dynameq stands on its own as leading software for wide-area traffic simulation and dynamic traffic assignment. It includes dedicated software features for data management, editing, visualization, and analysis tools and comprehensive scripting capabilities via Python APIs. And although it represents a novel approach to a new problem, not an add-on or a patch to an existing system, it integrates with Emme transportation forecasting software and others via completely open interfaces and APIs. 

Dynameq is also optionally available as an Add-on for the Emme transportation forecasting software, providing exceptional value and integrated licensing.

When you are serious about wide-area traffic simulation

When you are ready to join the growing base of Dynameq users that are building today’s wide-area simulation models, please contact us. Dynameq provides everything you need to model, calibrate and apply the best wide-area traffic simulation and dynamic traffic assignment methodology to real-world projects with proven success.

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