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Emme is a complete travel demand modelling system for urban, regional and national transportation forecasting. Emme is used in over half the world's most populous cities and runs some of the world's most complex transportation forecasting models.

The most advanced modellers in the industry have relied on Emme's flexible, open modelling approach to easily leverage established techniques or to adapt and innovate to new model applications with unrivaled flexibility.

Emme offers an application framework called Emme Modeller that makes transport models easy, fun and efficient to use, that promotes true model transparency, and that offers seamless transition between interactive use and scripting for model development.

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Emme model cityMake your city a model city, whatever the planning application

What can you do with Emme? Here are some common applications:

Travel demand forecasting. Implement virtually any zonal-aggregate travel demand model with any feedback structure, trip generation, distribution and choice models, trip chaining, capture multi-modal and truly integrated traffic and transit network performance, power leading activity-based and land-use models.

Transit planning. Evaluate changes to transit routes, frequency, quality of service, transit service competition or fare integration, crowding on transit vehicles and at stations, walkability/accessibility, park-and-ride, kiss-and-ride, transit system design.

Traffic planning. Evaluate road network expansion and management schemes, toll schemes and toll revenue forecasts, accessibility studies, junction delay, traffic demand management, critical infrastructure, freight and good movements, bicycle traffic.

Economic, emissions and environmental analyses. Analyze vehicle cold starts, operating conditions, and other key data for emissions. Justify transit spending, evaluate service quality by demographics, compare demand management techniques, perform investment-grade infrastructure evaluation or forecast benefits to support cost/benefit or other project-ranking schemes.

Emme has everything you need for world-class transportation forecasting



Map, edit and compare planning scenarios

Make informed planning decisions with dynamic maps, charts and reports that are always up-to-date. Because you always see the same networks as your models do there are never any secrets to cloud your judgment. At-a-glance scenario comparisons and network differences help to make data clear and actionable.

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Easily prepare and run models

Groundbreaking usability, model clarity, reuse and automation. The acclaimed flexibility and performance of Emme via a refreshing user interface and an amazing component-based system that lets you build, deploy, maintain and run transportation forecasting models better than ever.

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Modelling Matters

Leading traffic and transit assignments, unmatched traffic and transit path analysis, the best demand adjustment framework, the only mathematically rigorous congested transit assignment procedures, powerful network and matrix calculators and much more. Modelling matters, and the difference is always in the details.

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Never get lost in a model again

Bring clarity to even the most elaborate model systems. Explore model structure, not just network structure, in stunning hierarchical detail that unfolds while models run. Then review, revise and re-run any step for iterative model development.

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Transition easily from UI to scripting

Rapidly build and deploy complete applications using any Modeller Tool. Extend the framework with new tools, your own UIs and access hundreds of API services for network, matrix and database access.

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Key benefits of Emme 4

A better way to model

A true component-based application framework for travel demand modeling and transportation forecasting. Rapidly build and deploy complete models. Refreshing user interfaces provide excellent usability, and transition to modern Python scripting for maximum productivity.

Smart analysis and great visuals

The quickest, most complete scenario comparisons. Compare anything, including network topologies and values, matrices or charts. Over 100 maps, charts and tables. Rich GIS Basemaps from included online services, or any existing ArcGIS raster, vector or server content.

Tech support

The industry’s best software support services—plain and simple. Talk to our users and see. Unlimited telephone hotline and email contact included. 

Credibility and trust

The world’s most trusted algorithms and procedures, designed to work rigorously and on large models. Emme powers some of the world’s most complex transport models. Published, peer reviewed and highly regarded procedures tempered by hands-on application and modern computing.


Uncompromised access to network topologies, delay functions, transit services and access connectors means there is nothing to get between the analyst and clear interpretations of model details. Full network editing on native model representations.


Think outside the box with model procedures that are always easy to adapt to local needs. Beat lock-in with data that can be easily exported to open formats. Play nice with Windows or Linux OS, and share licenses on local networks with floating licensing.

Updating to Emme 4?

Moving to Emme 4 couldn't be easier. Whether you are updating from Emme 3, or from an older version of EMME/2, your database, worksheets, models and macros will all work. You won't need to port your model, and you can continue working like before. And when you are ready to explore new features, take a look at our highly-regarded training courses.

New to Emme?

Emme has never been easier to use, or as powerful. Learn more about all the improvements to the Emme Desktop, the Emme Prompt and the Emme Database, or read how Emme Modeller, the Emme Logbook and the Emme APIs provide a better way to model.

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