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Emme 4 packagingEmme licences are network-ready, support both local and network use without additional fees, and can be upgraded easily when covered by an active software maintenance agreement. Time-share a licence between multiple computers, take a licence with you to work outside of the office, and easily upgrade or acquire more licences at a discount when needed. For more details and a quote, complete the form below.

Network-ready licences

  • Use Emme on any computer in your network
  • Share Emme licences within an office or across multiple offices in the same country
  • Share Emme licences across offices in multiple countries—contact us for details
  • Share Emme licences with a consultant or contractor


  • Upgrade licences under maintenance at any time to a larger size for the incremental cost
  • Purchase additional licences later and benefit from volume discounts

Included with your software licence

  • Boxed user manuals included with the first licence; shipping not included
  • Coupons for Transport Modelling with Emme training in Montreal included with the first licence
  • Access to professional services from INRO's qualified team of consultants and INRO's network of international Business Partners

Technical support

  • INRO software is backed by our unlimited and industry-leading technical support
  • Unlimited access for all licences with an active software maintenance agreement
  • Detailed assistance with the installation and use of the software
  • Suggestions on how to solve specific modeling problems
  • Free data conversion from a variety of software formats
  • Contact technical support by phone or email

Software support is a critical element in selecting and using software. Don't for a minute take that for granted. Anyone who was worked with INRO knows how friendly they are, how timely they are, how professional they are.

Richard Walker, Modeling Services Manager, Portland Metro