Advanced Travel Demand Modeling
Agent is a platform to assemble, calibrate and apply agent-based and advanced travel demand models. It includes everything required for modern travel demand modeling.
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Agent works as an Add-on for Emme multimodal transport planning software, and is also available for use with CUBE land-use and transport planning software.
Travel demand modeling at its most flexible

Assemble virtually any travel demand model structure with out-of-the-box support for activity-based (ABM), tour-based, hybrid, trip-based models, or mix elements of each as needed. Model packages make it easy to maintain different model structures or versions in parallel, and may be upgraded over time with advanced features without the high costs of re-coding or changing platform.

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A transparent, agent-based interface for demand modeling
Work with tours, trips, households and persons as well as zones and O-Ds. An agent-based relational data schema, expressions and schema browser make it simple to describe agent-based travel choices and work with simulation results in a clear and intuitive interface that everyone on the team can use.
Integrated population synthesizer

Synthetic populations form the basis for a digital twin of mobility and are critical to the accuracy of simulation outcomes. The Agent population synthesizer is able to simultaneously incorporate controls on multiple zonal systems and conveniently arranges demographic scenarios for use alongside agent-based travel scenarios.

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Advanced features already included
  • Automated calibration
  • Time-space constraints
  • Computationally efficient location and temporal choice models
  • User-defined decision makers, choice sets, statistical models and utility expressions
  • Relational expressions with auto-complete
  • Flexible model packages and model templates
  • Schema browser
  • APIs for data access and automation
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Exploratory data visualization and analysis

Visualization, animation and analysis of disaggregate travel models are just a click away for integrated quality assurance, troubleshooting and results analysis. Trace individuals and color, query and filter market segments to understand the specific impact of location, time and other travel behavior choices.

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