Bring your city to life with animations, insights and analytics
Data Visualization and Visual Analytics for large-scale mobility and geospatial datasets
Create data visualizations, engage stakeholders and make better planning decisions

CityPhi makes it easy to produce captivating data visualizations, interactive animations and insightful analytics about mobility and location.

Governments and the private sector are collecting and simulating increasing amounts of mobility data. Yet many data sets are never explored or understood in detail. From quality assurance to interactive exploration, discovery and presentation, CityPhi provides a lens that helps you discover, troubleshoot, trust and analyze your data.

Interactive and High Performance

Explore time, space and motion with interactive animations that stay responsive at scale.

CityPhi generates stunning and responsive scenes even with millions of geometries in the frame, allowing detailed animations at the metropolitan and regional levels.

Explore and Engage

Turn data about the movement of people and things, their location, and their changing social, economic and physical characteristics into dynamic scenes. Engage audiences and support qualitative and quantitative exploration.

CityPhi provides new ways to work with disaggregate data interactively, to animate, extrude, filter, color and more. Grasp scale and motion in your data with immersive visualizations and use visual analytics to measure and produce quantitative results interactively.

From Data to Viz, Fast

Import from well-known formats. Develop analytics, visual treatments and load your own data with familiar open-source Python libraries and tools that work natively with CityPhi.

CityPhi Features and Layers help you to quickly turn data into effective visual treatments. Learn what’s working quickly with speedy iterations, live feedback and open data workflows.

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