The World's Most Trusted Transportation Planning Software


The World's Most Trusted Transportation Planning Software

Uniquely extensible, fast and transparent multimodal network and demand modeling tools for urban, regional and national transportation forecasting.

Multimodal Transport Planning

Emme powers some of the world’s most complex transport models with trusted algorithms and procedures designed to work rigorously and on large applications. Published, peer reviewed and innovative methods are tempered by hands-on application and modern computing.

Uniquely extensible, fast and transparent multimodal network and demand modelling tools for urban, regional and national transportation forecasting. From crowded transit assignments to toll modelling, Emme can handle it.

Modular components let you tailor your model procedures for local application. Model travel time reliability, junction delay and station crowding your way. Automate workflows and extend capabilities with native Python support for scripting and automation.

Work with larger projects, more sophisticated models, more scenarios and top-tier visualizations that are optimized for 64-bit computing, high-performance CPUs and discrete graphics (GPU).

Deploy on-premises or in the cloud with organization-friendly network licensing. Beat lock-in with data export to open formats and support for open standards. Works with Windows or Linux OS.

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Map, edit, and compare planning scenarios

Make informed planning decisions with dynamic maps, charts and reports that are always up-to-date. At-a-glance scenario comparisons and network differences help to make data clear and actionable. Spatial and relational data capabilities provide new workflow possibilities.


Easily prepare and run models

Build, deploy, maintain and run transportation forecasting models better than ever with groundbreaking usability, model clarity, reuse and automation. The acclaimed flexibility and performance of Emme in a refreshing user interface and a modular component-based system.


Flexible, high-performance model components

The Emme Standard Toolbox provides 100+ tools to get started quickly, with everything needed to build a virtually unlimited variety of zonal aggregate demand models, trip chaining models, multimodal network models and related analyses.


Never get lost in a model again

Bring clarity to even the most elaborate model systems. Explore model structure, not just network structure, in stunning hierarchical detail that unfolds while models run. Then review, revise and re-run any step for iterative model development.


Automate models, maps and data workflows

Rapidly build and deploy complete applications using any Modeller Tool. Extend the framework with new tools, your own UIs and access Python APIs for modeling, mapping, reporting, and network, matrix, and scenario data access.


Literate, reproducible model workflows and dashboards

Introducing literate, visual and reproducible transportation forecasting and transport data science application development. Drag-and-drop model tools, maps and charts to create visual model dashboards that can be re-run for up-to-date results or shared with colleagues for collaboration.

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