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Learning resources that you can go through on your own time. Or take a look at the instructor-led training catalog as well as our upcoming training schedule.

Emme Scripting

Learn Emme scripting by following along with the notebooks from the Emme Scripting course, including complete demonstrations, examples and exercises. (Note the prerequisites of this course include familiarity with Emme Desktop and Emme Modeller and some basic Python knowledge).

View the course notebooks in your browser, or download the notebooks and follow along on your own with demonstration data. These materials are developed for Emme 4.3.7 and Emme 4.4 but may work on previous versions.

Lesson 0: Python Basics This is a simple tutorial covering the basics of the Python programming language

Lesson 1: Modeller API - Running Tools and Workflows Script execution of any Emme Modeller tool, work effectively with tool specifications, implement model workflows using iterative or conditional control flow, and write comments to the Logbook for auditing.
4 hours

Lesson 2: Network API - Read, Write and Process Network Data This lesson will guide you through how to read, manipulate and publish Emme network data using the Emme Network API.
2 hours

Lesson 3: Matrix API - Read, Write and Process Matrix Data This lesson provides examples of Matrix API use to access, manipulate, import and export matrix data.
2 hours

Lesson 4: Desktop API - Automate Charts and Reports This lesson shows how the Desktop API can be used to automate Emme Desktop.
2 hours

Lesson 5: Running Emme Workflows outside Emme Desktop Start Emme from a simple Python call to achieve Emme workflows without having to use the software interactively. Useful to automate workflows from A to Z, to implement distributed model computing etc.
2 hours

Lesson 6: Building Modeller Tools and Modules In this lesson we will learn how to create and distribute our own toolboxes and tools.
8 hours