Multimodal Transport Planning Software
Emme is a complete transportation forecasting system for planning the urban, regional and national movement of people.
Emme is a complete transportation forecasting system for planning the urban, regional and national transportation of people.
Trusted. Emme powers some of the world’s most complex transport models with trusted algorithms and procedures designed to work rigorously and on large applications.
Performance. A uniquely extensible, fast and transparent multimodal network and demand modelling system optimized for 64-bit computing, high-performance CPUs and discrete graphics (GPU).
Open. Emme supports modern, professional workflows with comprehensive APIs, friendly network licensing, support for open data standards and Python scripting, and code-free automation for everyone.
The World's Most Trusted Transportation Planning Software
Emme is used in thousands of organizations in more than 80 countries
Bike-friendly cities plan with Emme
Portland, USA
Liveable cities plan with Emme
Vancouver, Canada
Megacities plan with Emme
Shanghai, China
Sustainable cities plan with Emme
Stockholm, Sweden
The busiest metros in the world plan with Emme
São Paulo, Brazil
Map, edit, and compare planning scenarios
Make informed planning decisions with maps, charts and reports that are always up-to-date. At-a-glance scenario comparisons and network differences help to make data clear and actionable. Work confidently with point-and-click editing, undo/redo and session recording. Master your data with an expression system for calculations, filters and data-driven styling.
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Fast, flexible and extensible tools for travel models
Specify transport model applications using a library of 100+ tools for traffic and transit assignments, comprehensive analysis, network and matrix calculators, demand adjustments, choice model components, data management and more. Specify and run models or create workflows interactively. Review results in detail and recover your work using the Logbook.
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Scripting, APIs and Python
Automate models, maps and workflows
Automate model workflows or full travel models with API access to any tool. Customize maps and charts and automate reporting. Work natively with network, matrix and scenario data. Build your own Modeller tools with customized front-ends. Monitor and audit model runs. Deploy complete planning applications and models as code, no UI required.
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See Your Travel Models a New Way
Scenes is a 3D, interactive and animated mapping framework that gives you a dramatic new way to view, explore and analyze the data in your travel models. Easily create animations across time or between planning scenarios, understand regional mobility patterns at-scale, or playback time-based models.
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Scenes is a 3D, interactive and animated mapping framework that lets you view, explore, analyze and even produce video animations from the data in your Emme Project.
What can you do with Emme?
Travel demand forecasting

Implement virtually any zonal-aggregate travel demand model with any feedback structure, trip generation and distribution choice models. Apply trip chaining, capture multimodal accessibility and power leading activity-based and land-use models.

Transit Planning

Evaluate changes to transit routes, frequency, quality of service, transit service competition or fare integration, crowding on transit vehicles and at stations, walkability/accessibilty, park-and-ride, kiss-and-ride, transit system design and transit service planning with fare card data.

Traffic Planning

Evaluate road network expansion and management schemes, toll schemes and toll revenue forecasts, accessibility studies, junction delay, traffic demand management, critical infrastructure, freight and good movements, and bicycle traffic.

Economic, emissions and environmental analyses

Analyze vehicle cold starts, operating conditions, and other key data for emissions. Evaluate transit service quality by demographics, compare demand management techniques, perform investment-grade infrastructure and toll evaluation or forecast benefits to support cost/benefit or other project-ranking schemes.

Pedestrians, bikes, and active transport

High-performance routing and assignment on all-streets networks to support topographic and urban form in route choice for non-motorized travel, true multimodal routing for walk access to and between transit services, and stochastic route choice models to forecast changes and prioritize infrastructure. Use results to plan safety, first-mile/last-mile accessibility, bike facilities and more.

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Emme Product Capabilities
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